Dedicated Servers

Our company focuses on high quality Israel dedicated servers rent in Israel. The fully dedicated servers provide stable platform for you and bring success to your business. As a IBM & Dell business partner, Interhost supplies dedicated servers form the highest level. Our Israel dedicated servers network spread among all datacenters in Israel. Interhost has a POP in Netherlands.

Interhost's Israel dedicated servers (managed servers and unmanaged servers) equipped only by Intel premium Xeon Quad Core E5-24XX and E5-26XX leading processesors, on a IBM & Dell platforms among our dedicated servers rent options in a high quality datacenters. Israel Dedicated servers with a 1gbps UNMETERED bandwidth line plans. Including collocation, smart backup system, alerts and monitoring system, advanced antivirus/antispam gateway, professional DNS/PTR management and advanced support. High quality dual Xeon dedicated servers with a 100Mbit and more unmetered and unlimited lines bandwdith. Join the clients which enjoy our dedicated server professional management service.


Premium quality colocation services availability covers all existent datacenters in Israel & Europe. Interhost is a business partner of Bezeq International datacenter/ISP in Israel. Interhost colocate servers with other major datacenters in Israel: GoldenLines and Netvision.
Interhost is the leading colocation service provider in Israel. Join us and start enjoying your business like you never were!

Web Hosting

High quality Linux web hosting packages. Fixed hosting plans and customize dedicated hosting solutions. Secure and fast hosting plans for your site with backup and monitoring system.

Cloud computing

Our redundant and strong VMware network connected to the cut edge EMC VNX5300 storage system on a dual 10GIGE fiber interfaces.
Our cloud infrastructure designed to operate as a high available system with automatic failover and routine snapshots.
We save no money of our equipment and get only the best of the best available on the market in order to provide you with the highest quality cloud (SaaS & IaaS) services.


Our company provides advanced backup services based on modern brand backup solutions. Supply daily backup services - cold and warm backups. Auto-backup using RAID mirroring as a damage backup & data backup of the hosted sites that uploaded to a remote server in different webhosting farm which located at far geographical location.