Windows hosting

Storage 350Mb 500Mb 1000Mb 2000Mb 3000Mb
Traffic  20GB/mo  40GB/mo  60GB/mo  80GB/mo 120GB/mo
PHP  Included  Included Included  Included Included
Domain(s)  1  1  1  1  1
DNS Control  Included  Included  Included  Included Included
Sub Domains  unlimited  unlimited  unlimited  unlimited unlimited
Host your own domain name  Included  Included  Included  Included Included
SMTP  Included  Included  Included  Included Included
ASPMAIL Included  Included  Included  Included Included
CDONTS, W3Jmail, CDOSYS  Included  Included  Included  Included Included
ASP 3  Included  Included  Included  Included Included
ASP.NET (with FRAMEWORK v2 support)  Included  Included  Included  Included Included
Email Aliases and Forwarding  Included  Included  Included  Included Included
WEBMAIL  Included  Included  Included  Included Included
Auto Responders  Included  Included  Included  Included Included
POP3 Accounts  unlimited  unlimited  unlimited  unlimited unlimited
FTP Accounts  unlimited  unlimited  unlimited  unlimited unlimited
SSI  Included  Included  Included  Included Included
MYSQL  unlimited unlimited  unlimited  unlimited unlimited
phpMyAdmin  Included  Included Included Included Included
MSACCESS  unlimited  unlimited  unlimited  unlimited unlimited
MSSQL Additional charge for MSSQL databases
  50MB data & 25MB log 30$/mo
  100MB data & 50MB log 50$/mo
  150MB data & 100MB log 75$/mo
SSL shared  Included  Included  Included  Included Included
SSL private including 1 private IP address 83$ SSL CETIFICATE 128Bit
Advanced Statistics  Included  Included  Included  Included Included
Control Panel  Plesk  Plesk  Plesk  Plesk Plesk
PERL  Included  Included  Included  Included Included
GLOBAL.ASA  Included  Included  Included  Included Included
Tech Support (Mail, Ticket system & phone)  Included  Included  Included  Included Included
Monthly price  $14  $20  $35  $50 $100
Yearly price  $140  $200  $350  $500 $1000
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Linux hosting

Storage 250mb 500mb 1000mb 3GB
Traffic 40GB/mo 60GB/mo 80GB/mo 100GB/mo
PHP  Included  Included Included  Included
SSL  Included  Included  Included  Included
MySQL 2 3 5 Unlimited
PosgreSQL 2 3 5 1
phpMyAdmin  Included  Included  Included  Included
Control Panel  Included  Included  Included  Included
Perl Included  Included  Included  Included
CGI Scripts  Included  Included  Included  Included
Secure Folders  Included  Included  Included  Included
Custom Error Pages  Included  Included  Included  Included
PHP Mail  Included  Included  Included  Included
Webmail  Included  Included  Included  Included
Email Account(s)* 5 10 20 Unlimited
FTP Account(s)* Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
DNS Park Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
SubDomain(s) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Domain Pointer(s)* Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Warm BackUp  Included  Included  Included  Included
Cold BackUp  Included  Included  Included  Included
Advanced Statistics  Included  Included  Included  Included
SMS**** Call Call  Included  Included
Operation System LINUX*** LINUX*** LINUX*** LINUX***
Price (Tax included) 20$ 25$ 30$ 40$
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 * Based on 200MB per Email Account.
*** LINUX Operation System Based DEBIAN Wheezy 7.0 / CentOS 6.x

**** Subscribe to Advanced SMS alerting system.

TRAFFIC - Interhost provides unlimited traffic package based on 10GBit(Ten-Gigabit Ethernet) lines. Client may order a leased line based on Bandwidth/Second meter. Soho/SMB/Business packages are supplied by 100Mbit/1Gbit lines by request.

Windows & Linux hosting